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Hands4Paws Core Values

We believe it is our obligation to help those who can’t help themselves. The abandoned street animals in Ukraine have no government net to keep them from starvation, freezing temperatures, and negative impacts on the communities where they roam.

Without direct intervention, these innocent lives will suffer, spread disease, attack people, or die from starvation and neglect. This cause affects entire communities and can so easily be addressed if people will care enough to act.

Hands4Paws is dedicating to saving the lives of innocent street dogs and cats and providing the care they need to live lives of health and affection.

Here is what we believe:

Innocent Animals Need Intervention

Dogs and cats who roam the street have no way to find healthy shelter and food on their own. They need to be taken off the streets, fed, sterilized, and medically treated.

Facilities Need to Be Built

To treat and care for these homeless dogs and cats, there need to be more facilities constructed to facilitate these efforts.

Adoption is the Best Long-Term Solution

Once the dogs and cats have been fed and cared for, adoption and foster homes is the best long-term solution for providing care and love.

We Want to Support Other Local Efforts

In many cases, there are other local groups trying to provide help to these homeless dogs and cats but lack resources or kennels to keep up with the need. We will partner with them to meet the needs even faster.

Not Enough People Are Aware of the Need

We will use all means to make the need known throughout the world. We will develop campaigns that will raise awareness so those who share our passion and love for these homeless dogs and cats can respond with us to meet the needs.

Caring People Need More Ways to Help

Some people may only be able to support Hands4Paws through donations, while others may want to show up and provide direct help. Hands4Paws will make it easy for people to become involved in any way they can.

We Believe in Community

Those who share in this common love and passion need ways to communicate. We will create community and celebrate all efforts from individuals in the community who are making a difference. It’s our identity and we love to be part of each other’s lives as well as those of the animals we help.

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